Agrostreet is a homegrown brand that wishes to make sustainability more than just a buzzword. Born in an agricultural family and having grown up with the passion for natural ingredients used in Indian cuisine that binds us together and have helped us start Agrostreet. With 100 years of farming knowledge we strive to bring to you Nature’s best in a way that will change your life for the better. With our millet, you can prepare anything from basic rice to mind-boggling biriyani! We have experimented with them in our home kitchen for over 7 years to be able to bring you the best.

Healthy eating can transform you in many ways. Be the best version of yourself with our spices that will take you back in time. The ingredients we produce are pure and nutritious, it will make your food taste delicious and nurture you. Over the last 4 years, we have experimented to make farming more ethical and eco-friendly. Ours is a family that has grown from the grassroots and we understand everything about agriculture. That is our driving force as we know how beneficial slow-paced lifestyle can be for a fuller and healthier life.

We are here to make clean eating easier. Trust our products and change your outlook towards home-cooked meals. We’ve had fun with authentic recipes like pulao and used millet instead of rice, the result blew our minds. Our brand can help you rediscover Indian cuisine and become fitter. 

Our Story

From nature's lap to yours

In today’s demanding lifestyle, we all need the best quality of food to match our hustle to be as productive and energetic as possible. Unfortunately, we rarely consume food that is as nutritious as it must be. This happens because when a crop is harvested with help of pesticides and chemicals, the output becomes way less organic and healthy than it would be if treated correctly.
Focusing on the solution, we serve the best quality organic products sourced from an equally reliable place in Tamil Nadu, India. We take pride to share that we procure our millet and turmeric products from the tribal communities of Kalrayan Hills (at the height of approx. 3000 ft. from the sea level)in Villupuram district, Tamil Nadu, India.
At Kalrayan Hills, these crops are cultivated using their authentic and indigenous farming skills which hails from their forefather’s treasured agricultural knowledge passed from generation to generation. They follow these traditional methods to ensure that the crops do not get affected by any harmful chemicals or pesticides, resulting in highly nutritious and natural produce.
The best part about following this practice is that not only do we focus on giving our customers authentic, organic, and healthy products, we are also putting our honest efforts to uplift the economy of the Kalrayan tribal region.
As much as we believe in bringing in the most authentic product to our customers, we also believe in promoting the cultural belief and excellent agricultural practices of this community. Each product is a mix of both, top-notch nutrition standards and a pride of contribution to uplift a great community – and this, we call a complete value for money.

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